During our Camino Gatherings each month, we offer a special Scallop Shell Blessing to all pilgrims who are departing for their Camino within the next 30 days of the gathering date.

PLEASE NOTE: The only way you can received a scallop shell & blessing is to attend our monthly gathering.


This blessing has 2 parts to the traditional ceremony.


1) The community gathers around the pilgrim(s) who are leaving to go on their Camino within the next 30 days.  Then the special Pilgrims Blessing (orginated in a small hamlet on the Camino) is read out to the Pilgrims by ten volunteers within the group. Each volunteer will be read out one sentence of this Pilgrims Blessing then the next volunteer will read out their sentence.. and so on until all ten verses have been recited to the Pilgrim.

2) The second part of this blessing, each Pilgrim will be presented with a Scallop Shell if they do not already have one of their own.

If the Pilgrim brings their own shell to the ceremony, the community will still read the Pilgrims Blessing to them but they will not recieve a shell from the group.



To assit with the planning,  all requests for the  Pilgrims Scallop Shell Blessing must be sumbitted at least 7 days prior to the next monthly gathering.

Request your Scallop Shell Blessing here!!

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