Your Camino starts long before you take your first step on the well trodden path to Santiago!!

It's easy to feel overwhelmed or bogged down with the enormous task of planning and preparing for your Camino. We understand there are times when you may need more guidance than what a book may offer.


This 4 hour Camino Preparation Workshop will provide you with practical information and useful insights based on experience!!


Some of the  workshop contents are:

  • The altitude and terrain of the Camino Frances

  • Packing list

  • Accomadation options

  • Budget / Costs

  • Phone & Internet coverage

  • When to go

  • What an average day on the Camino may look like

And much more...


Each person who attends this Preparation Workshop will receive their own Pilgrims Passport.



Feb 08, 2020

9:30am - 1:30pm

Camino Preparation Workshop (Sunday 9th February 2020)

This 4 hour workshop is for anyone considering walking/cycling the Camino de Santiago.

You will gain useful information and valuable insights that will assist you in your preparation for the journey ahead.

Cost: $119.00 per person

10:00am - 2:00pm

Price on application

Private Camino Preparation Workshop - by appointment only

Choose your own workshop date!!
Can't make the next scheduled group Camino Preparation Workshop?
We can arrange a more convenient time to assist with your Camino Planning and Preparation..
Our 1-on-1"Private Camino Preparation" Workshops 
are perfect for solo or a couple who wants assistance with the more intricate details of their Camino travel arrangements.
One of the great benefits of having a private consulting session is the entire focus is on YOUR Camino.
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If the group workshop dates below do not suit you.. why not consider a Private one-on-one Camino Preparation Workshop (date and time can be flexible to suit your availablity).

Contact Joanne on 0417 137 369 



Testimonial - Nicola & Chris Reynolds


“Our Walk & Talk" workshop with Joanne was as absolute delight!!

Joanne did a mountain of work before our walk. We have  chosen a particular route which is less popular than most, so she had to find lots of new information. 


She provided detailed recommendations on accommodation, things to see and things to watch out for  and provided us with the full take-away pack. This work alone saved me many many hour of prep work and helped demystify the whole Camino experience. 

It also meant that, on the day of our ‘Walk and Talk’, we could use the four hour session very effectively and came away with great information to make really clear decisions about how we will tackle this adventure. 


Joanne’s efforts went above and beyond what we could have hoped for this learning session. 


Well worth the investment!  A huge thank your Joanne!

- Nicola and Chris.


Testimonial - Robin Valentine


Joanne, thank you so much for helping me get back on keep on track in my Camino preparations.


The private one - on - one workshop with you helped me get my head around where my plans were and what I needed to progress forward..rather than procrastinating and feeling overwhelmed by my barriers.

I had already learned alot from a reading several books and talking with pilgrims who had made the journey but I found working through my own  questions with you was so helpful in targeting my particular issues.  You defused my greatest worries ie re food and travelling to St Jean Pied de Port, language, how to transition back home.

Your energy, commitment, experience, vision, information, personal sharing and joy for helping me on my own personal journey were SO RELEVANT, REFRESHING and ENCOURAGING!!

Thank you Joanne, you have enabled me to start the next stage of my journey.

- Robin Valentine

Testimonial - Lori Drake


My Private Workshop session with Joanne provided me with much insight into the journey ahead.

Joanne was very generous with her time, knowledge and information. she also created a tailor made itinerary specially for me given that I can not complete the whole Camino and was able to highlight the places that may appeal to me the most.


The vast array of valuable information on accommodation, transport contacts, maps of the terrain, expected temperature, packing list is only a small component of what Joanne provided me. I learnt about the history of the Camino and the significance of the scallop shell and how to use the Pilgrims Passport.


The handy little tips she shared were also great advise.

Thank you so much Joanne, I am now ready to book my solo Camino.

- Lori Drake.

Testimonial - Wendy Fantasia


The benefit of Joanne's experience and insider tips and tricks is terrific for such a daunting logistical exercise.

Her calm manner was inspiring and I feel confident in being able to follow her information and practical suggestions for my own journey ahead.

Thank you so much.

- Wendy Fantasia

Testimonial - Kerry Hehir


This workshop prior to my Camino was so helpful and fun!


I learnt so much in this workshop, I left knowing that I was on track to have one huge adventure.


A lot of my nagging questions were answered and seeing the gear Joanne used or recommended was super helpful.

Highly recommend 

- Kerry Hehir

Testimonial - Rhonda Henderson


My sister and I googled until our hearts content, before attending a preparation workshop with Joanne. 

Joanne put the human touch into our Camino journey. She honestly related her experiences as she took us through a comprehensive booklet she had carefully prepared for each of us.

We then had the chance to ask questions before looking at various items of clothing and equipment that had worked for her, further fuelling our enthusiasm for the preparations and adventures that lay ahead.

Thank-you Joanne for making our Camino come alive and feel real!

- Rhonda Henderson

Testimonial - Julie Mazzaglia


Not knowing what to expect when attending the Camino Workshop, I was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming Joanne was, and truly impressed by her knowledge and experience by all things ‘Camino’. 


The educational experience was immense and eye opening, but I also took away the human aspect of what the Camino can and does represent for a lot of people. 


Whilst the day was filled with a lot of facts and question’s and answers, there was something that Joanne said during this lovely day that truly stuck in my mind and excited me more than anything else. “The experience of the Camino is different for every person who does it, but I know that the one thing that is the same for every person, and that is: you come back a different to the one who started it.”  


Thanks Joanne got so much out of it.  Awesome day.

- Julie Mazzaglia

Testimonial - Gerald Mckenna


Thank you Joanne,

Your insightful and practical advice on clothing, footwear, packing, poles, weather conditions, accommodation and many more of the questions I had prepared me very well for my recent Camino journey over the Pyrenees, through the Meseta onto Santiago.

- Gerald Mckenna

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