Debra Aston

To walk is to see and hear what is not possible in a car. To hear the quiet, to feel the rough pilgrim walked ground under your boots, to taste the sweat on your lips.

At times it was amazing, painful and overwhelming. But I am grateful and thankful I was able to do it. I had sad, happy and many, many proud moments. There were times when I just stood in awe at the beauty around me. Then there were times I thought “What on earth are you doing” but you just push on..


Why the Camino ?


19 months ago my husband left me. There were times I thought this is the end I can’t live without him.

 Then I heard about the walk the Camino and how you come back a changed person. So i thought it would get my ex out of my head and heart. I booked my flights and accommodation and waited 6 months. Doing a lot of research and reading about personal experiences. It was then I realised this journey was about ME not him. I had to prove to myself I didn’t need him or his approval. It was time to see what I could do on my own.

I loved the little villages so much brick and stone, but it was the quietness that I found unusual where was everyone ? To hear the occasional dog bark a cat meow a lawn mower or a rooster crowing was nice to hear in the crisp morning air.


We take for granted what we have, we are all to busy to look up at the sky at the shape of the clouds. To stop and feel the wind on your face or the warmth of the sun on your skin. To walk in the forest alone, to hear the birds and the water trickling in the steam and to feel a bit cooler in the shade of the trees. Walking alone you notice these things as you are one with yourself you are being mindful no distractions. All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other and look at the beauty around you.


I am very proud of myself for....

Travelling 36 hrs and changing 4 planes on my own.

Changing seats on the plane so a mother could sit with her daughters.

Not getting lost just missing the turns.

Gave a homeless man some coins and touched his face.

Played ball with a dog and had a horse bow for me.

Losing my phone charger and not having a panic attack.

I was blessed by a priest and through tears watched the Botofumerio.


All  the pilgrims I met on the way were amazing as we all have something in common it makes it easier to make conversation.

I heard about a woman who had both breasts removed she was getting on with her life she was 90 years old and a father and son walking together the father was blind.

What I learnt was everyone has their troubles, don’t judge lend a helping hand or just listen. All parts of the world have the same people rich or poor healthy or sick if all you can do is smile that is all some people need.

Nothing prepared me for the hills, but I got up them and when I was at the top gasping for air I was proud of myself for doing it on my own, it was me pushing myself..

Yes the Camino gives in mysterious ways. Is it a coincidence ? Maybe but I don’t think so it is a magical path..


Would I recommend the Camino de Compostella to anyone ?   no...   EVERYONE.

This trip really took me out of my comfort zone and I had a fabulous time.

Would I have tried writing anything like this before? certainly not, but now I am a proud, strong independent woman.


by Debra Aston.


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