Fairfield Boathouse
Fairfield Boathouse

Fairfield Boathouse
Fairfield Boathouse

Fairfield Boathouse
Fairfield Boathouse


Mar 28, 2020

10:30AM - 3:30PM

Camino Gathering - Sunday 29th March 2020 (WALK & LUNCH)



Dear Pilgrims,

You are invited to join our Camino Community to share in the fellowship of the Camino. (Walk & Lunch)

This is a great opportunity for testing out your Camino gear so load your backpack and bring it along with you on this walk.


DATE: Sunday 29th March 2020

TIME: 1030am - 3:30pm

VENUE:  Fairfield Boathouse to Abbotsford Convent - Round Trip is approx 13km.

ADDRESS: Fairfield Park Dr, Fairfield VIC 3078

COST: $6 per person (includes booking fee)

I will meet you near the toilet block at the car park on Fairfield Park Drive. (near the enterance to Fairfield boathouse) 

Fairfield boathouse is an historical landmark which is over 100 years old. 

We will start our walk from Fairfield boathouse and walk along the  trail to Studley Park Boat house, where we will take a detour along the road and continue the last stretch to Abbottsford Convent.

On the grounds of the Convent, there's a great place to have lunch called "Lentils as Anything" or you go to the bakery next door.

If time permitted - we may get an opporunity to wander around the covent buildings or grounds before we return back to Fairfield Boathouse. 

Back at the boathouse, you may even be tempted to stay at the boatshouse for their famous Devonshire teas (scones, cream and tea or coffee) before heading home.


Buen Camino

Joanne Cashman

Mobile: 0417 137 369

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My intention is to keep the spirit of the Camino alive within our hearts, and they are a great opportunity to get to know each other, share our Camino stories and  hopefully inspire others to embark on their own pilgrimage to Santiago de Composela. - Joanne Cashman

Fairfield Boathouse
Fairfield Boathouse
part of yarra walking trail
part of yarra walking trail
Abbottsford Convent
Abbottsford Convent


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