Camino Stories is a place where Melbourne based pilgrims can share their own personal Camino expereince with a wider community.  Every person has their own reason for embarking on this extraordinary pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago, and I trust between the pages you will find inspirational heartfelt stories that have the capacity to move you to tears, reach to the depths of your being and touch your soul.


I caution you, these stories may ignite a deep yearning to follow the yellow arrows to Santiago de Compostela.



Joanne Cashman

St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago (2011)


I would like to give you a brief summary on the events that changed my life forever, which set me on a course of self discovery.

My world came crashing down after my mum passed away, and then a few years later my 25 year marriage ended, and then left my job.

I was lost, and had no idea what I was going to do next.


One afternoon, a close friend of mine called me to tell me about her plans to walk the Camino and I heard this tiny little voice inside my head saying “You’ve got to walk the Camino too Jo” It is time..and instantly I knew that my soul had already decided I must go!

To walk is to see and hear what is not possible in a car. To hear the quiet, to feel the rough pilgrim walked ground under your boots, to taste the sweat on your lips.

At times it was amazing, painful and overwhelming. But I am grateful and thankful I was able to do it. I had sad, happy and many, many proud moments. There were times

  when I just stood in awe at the beauty around me. Then there were times I thought “What on earth are you doing” but you just push on..


Why the Camino ?

Phil Rebakis

The Camino is your experience. The Camino is more than a walk. The Camino has few rules and no regulator. My experience is, as you can imagine, a positive one. What I did and what I valued from being there is probably not the same as others.

I can explain what I have done but nothing I would say or write indicates that my path is recommended. I have appreciated everyone’s suggestions and all of them influenced me in some way. The best one is summed up by the book “I’m Off Then”. Great title as it sums up my view of what makes the Camino a special place.

A special place for your story

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